Saturday, February 4, 2012

Week of January 29 - Wasatch here I come!

Sunday - Had big plans to head out to the island and get in around 10 miles.  Got up and figured that wasn't happening.  Both ankles were giving me fits after the snowshoe race.  With the left one it was the tendon in the front of the ankle and with the right it was the usual achilles pain.  Not only that, but I was surprised at how sore my legs were from the race.  So, I ended up taking the day off and playing in my shop.  Always a good alternative.  Got a bunch of new hand tools for Christmas and spent my time organizing them in my nifty new rollaway.  Good times!  Miles - 0

Monday - The ankles felt much better today and I ended up going to the gym and hitting the mill for a few miles.  I had big plans to do a few more after work but my lovely wife wanted to go out for a celebratory dinner for her 2nd place 5k finish, so we did that instead.  Miles - 4.0

Tuesday - Hit the gym at lunch for some intervals.  8 x .25 at 6:22 pace.  Lovely day on the trails after work.  Pretty good group met up at Rainbow for a little jaunt north.  Karne met us there and I stayed with her.  We went about six miles at a nice easy pace.  The rest of the crew went a little further.  It was nice to get together with some friends for a run.  haven't done that in a week or two.  Miles - 9.5 (vert 950')

Wednesday - Hit the gym again.  Went at lunch just to do a few somewhat easy miles on the mill then did a little bit of core work.  Ended up doing about four at an 8:20 pace.  Had a meeting after work, so rather than hit the trail like I would like to do, I went to the gym again and ran some on the track.  My legs are tired.  Miles - 8.0

Thursday - Went running with the crew at Rainbow.  The legs were tired.  I had no uphill umph at all adn was dragging ass behind everyone else.  Oh well, I guess you have those days occasionally.  Miles - 7.8 (vert 1145')

Friday - Only had time for a gym run at lunch.  Not much but better than nothing.  Miles 4.0

Saturday - Had another official training run on the island.  I think 30+ showed up.  One of the bigger turnouts ever.  The weather was pretty much perfect.  Sunny, cool (mid 40's), trail conditions were excellent and so was the company.  After I did the Mountain View trail, Britta and I went over and ran the Lakeside trail for a few more miles.  Miles 27.3 (vert 1045')

Miles for the week - 61.6 Biggest week of the year.  Hope I can sustain it for a few months or increase it.

Ok, just found out I got into Wasatch for the 6th time.  Aiming for my 5th finish.  I think I'd better pick up the training pace a little.  Can't wait for September to arrive.  Love running that race.

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