Saturday, January 28, 2012

Week of January 22

Sunday - Once again I took the day off.  Karen and I went up to Powder Mountain and did some boarding.  Great snow.  They got about four feet in three days.  Miles - 0.0

Monday - Did a couple of workouts today.  I hit the gym at lunch and ran four miles at about an eight minute pace on the mill.  After work I went to the gym again and ran five miles on the track.  Roughly the same pace.  Ended up being a tempo kind of day.  Miles - 9.0

Tuesday - Had some errands to run so I only managed to get in three miles on the mill.  Better than nothing I guess.  Miles - 3.0

On a dorkier note.  I looked over the weather data from my weather station for 2011 and here's the highlights.
Precipitation - 22.09"
High temp outdoor - 109.4 deg F on June 23 (erroneous, the temp sensor gets afternoon sun in the summer.  I need to correct that, probably closer to 102 deg F).
Low temp outdoor - +2.2 deg F on Feb. 2.
High temp indoor - 83.2 deg F
Low temp indoor - 53.3 deg F (must have been on vacation)
High humidity outdoor - 97% on March 7
Low humidity outdoor - 10% on July 3
High dewpoint outdoor - 70.1 deg F on Aug. 1
Low dewpoint outdoor - -10.4 deg F on Feb. 2
Maximum wind gust - 58.8mph on Dec. 1
I wish I had graphs because graphs are way cool, however, I'm having issues with downloading the data to my computer.  They don't want to communicate.

Wednesday - Another day on the mill, but at least I did some intervals.  6 x .5 @ 7:00 pace.  Miles - 6.0

Thursday - Another day where I couldn't get the miles in that I wanted.  Ended up on the mill again at lunch, then errands after work.  At least I pushed the pace some.  Miles - 4.0

Friday - Hit the gym at lunch again and did a few on the mill.  Then at last, some trail time after work.  Went north from Rainbow for about 2.5 then turned around.  Saw Bj and his new puppy out.  Cute.  Miles - 9.0 (943' vert)

Saturday - Ran the Kahtoola Bigfoot Snowshoe Festival race today.  I did the 25K.  Time was 3:29.  Yeah, on a flat dry road, that time would probably have been under two hours, but there were snowshoes on my feet, snow on the ground and about 2100' of gain. 
Still, it was a gorgeous day, sunny and cold, about 10 at the start and warming up to around 25 when I got done.  My lovely wife Karen did her first race ever today.  She ran the 5K and did awesome.  Came in 2nd place female and 1st in her age group.  When she saw who the 1st place female was, she said that she was not too far behind her and if she had known, she could have pushed it and taken first place female.  Still, not too bad for a first race.  Here's the Garmin plot  Miles - 15.5 (2179' vert)

Miles for the week - 46.5
Vert - 3122'

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