Sunday, February 26, 2012

Week of February 19th

Sunday - didn't do squat except drive home from Moab with Aric and Britta.  Roads got just a hair dicey going over Soldier Summit with the snow, but I've driven in far worse conditions.

Monday - The track at the gym was open since school was out, so I did that rather than the t-mill.  Got thru with two miles and quit.  The legs were tired and I didn't feel like it.  I figured I'd just hit the mill at home, but my lovely wife talked me out of it.  She said something about taking the day off and resting.  Sounded like a good idea to me so I did it.  Miles - 2.0

Tuesday - Did four miles at the gym at lunch.  Was still feeling a little tired but I also wanted to get in a little weight time as well.  Met with the crew at Rainbow after work and ran six more.  The legs felt much better today than yesterday.  Still a little tired, but not bad for having run 33 miles only three days earlier.  I'll take it.  Miles - 10.0

Wednesday - Went outside and ran at lunch.  Temp was in the 50's and sunny.  Kinda hard not to.  Still, I only ran up to the grocery store to buy a couple of items, then run back, so the miles were a little short.  Went to Rainbow after work and got in a decent run all by my lonesome.  Much as I like running with my friends, it's kind of nice to just do your own thing once in awhile.  Saw a couple of other runners and hikers out there, but pretty much had the trail to myself.  Finished well after dark so I got in some night running as well.  Miles - 10.25

Thursday - Went to the gym at lunch and did the traedmill thing again.  Met with friends at Rainbow for a pm run.  I felt pretty good so I pushed it pretty hard.  We went to the canal road and back.  Coming back I was really feeling it and went out hard.  I think I ran the thing at a sub 9 pace for most of it.  Yeah, that's fast for me on a trail, especially when there's a pretty good sized hill in the way.  It was a pretty good run I have to admit.  Miles - 11.75

Friday - Went to raqinbow again, but my legs were pretty tired from the past couple of days worth of hard runs.  Instead I just ran up to the canal road and along that for a few miles, then turned around.  just took it easy.  Miles - 5.0

Saturday - had big plans to go boarding today but the high winds completely shut down Powder Mountain.  Winds of 60 mph gusting to 80 were recorded.  It was kind of windy at the house, but really not too bad.  Didn't go on a run either.  Instead I did my housework then went and played in the shop for the rest of the day.  Got some stuff done too.

Miles for the week - 39.0 miles

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