Thursday, December 13, 2012

Random post time

Haven't posted anything in awhile so I thought I would for those that have a burning desire to know what's going on in my running (and other stuff) world.
November was a total bust running-wise.  I think I ran a whopping 112 miles for the month.  With Karen out from back surgery, I've been doing all of the chores around the house.  Feeding all the critters we have, plus things like laundry, cleaning, cooking, etc. has put a damper on the running as of late.  But that wasnt totally unplanned or unwanted.  It gave me a chance to take a little breather from the running.
Since Karen was off of work until the first part of Jan. I kicked her out of the house for a month and shipped her to SoCal to see her family.  Doing this accomplished a couple of things, first, she wouldn't be tempted to do things around the house that she shouldn't be doing, and second, it gave her some extended time with her family.  Something that a lot of us don't get a chance at with work and such.  So she's been having a good time spending all of our money.
Other news, we have another grandchild.  Savannah Grace Weber was born on Dec. 2 weighing in at 6lb 12 oz and 18 inches long.  Mom and baby are doing wonderful and we get to see them at Christmas!!
So what's up with the running?  Well, I've been starting to put together my 2013 race and other event calendar.  So far, I'm planning on running several 100's plus some other races, so it looks to be a somewhat intense running year.  Right now the only two 100's I'm signed up for are Zion and Salt Flats.  I've put in for the Wasatch lottery as well.  Other 100's under consideration are Bryce, the Bear, and Badger Mountain.  We'll see how the training goes through December.  Some of the adventure runs I'd like to knock off the list are a run through Bryce Canyon National Park, a circumnavigation of the Tetons, and another run in the Grand Canyon.  The GC is already on the calendar for the fall.
One little local adventure "run" happened a couple of weeks ago.  A few of us climbed the front side of Lewis Peak.  We gained something like 3500' in about 2.7 miles.  Portions were at a grade of 2000'/mile, so it was a pretty good scramble. 
Bj, Jon, and Ryan scrambling up a steeper section

Ben Lomond Peak from the top of Lewis Peak

The last pitch before the summit
So, here's the week of  December 2nd progress.

Sunday - Didn't do squat except stuff around the house that needed to get done.

Monday - Got up early and headed for the aquatic center to get a run in on the track.  Tough to do when I have farm chores to do at 5am.  Managed to get a run in a lunch time as well, although it was on the treadmill.  Miles - 8.0

Tuesday - Got up early again and headed for the aquatic center.  This time I swam about 800 yards.  Went back at lunch to get a run in on the dreadmill again.  This evening I went to Pilates, so triple workout day.  If that doesn't get me into shape, nothing will.  Miles - 8.0

Wednesday - Found out that my quads were a bit tired and sore from yesterday's Pilates session.  My teacher will be pleased to hear that.  Got up and hit the aquatic center for a run.  Even though the legs were a bit tired and sore, I managed to get in about four miles at a pretty good pace.  Since I don't time it I can only guess at my pace, but it seemed to be down around 8:00-8:30.

Thursday - Swam another 1000 yards in the morning, then ran 4 miles at lunch.  Miles - 4.0

Friday - Took the day off.  Didn't do squat.

Saturday - ran from 22nd street.  Had big plans to go about 7 miles.  Didn't where warm enough clothes and turned around at inspiration point.  Managed to get in about 3.6.  Miles - 3.6

Breaking news, I'm now signed up for the Bryce 100.  Still crossing my fingers on Wasatch.