Monday, February 13, 2012

Week of February 5th

So how many of you can spell February correctly?  Or Wednesday for that matter?  Anyway, here's this week's rundown.

Sunday - Went boarding with Karen and some friends at Snowbasin.  Had a great time, got pushed to go down stuff I probably wouldn't have, so I stretched my limits a little.  Karen fell and hurt her back bad enough to call it a day at around 1pm.  We ate lunch then went home. 

Monday - Had an appointment after work so only had time for a lunch run on the mill. Managed to get in around four miles while watching the Science channel.  I could think of worse things to watch while running.  Miles - 4.0

Tuesday - Didn't get my lunchtime run in.  Instead I met with the McKay-Dee Sports Medicine Team about coming out to my race and providing medical support for 700 runners.  I think they're kind of excited.  Usually they handle marathons and shorter stuff.  This will be their first trail race and first ultra.  They were definitely curious about what goes on during a race spanning 100 miles.  After work I met Karen at Rainbow and we went close to eight miles.  I figured she would only want to go our usual six, but nope she decided to go further.  She was awesome.  Ran a negative split and our time was actually pretty good.  I think if I really pushed I would have only finished about 10 minutes sooner.  She can really rock a downhill.  I had to work to keep up with her on the downhill.  Miles - 7.8 (1454' vert)

Wednesday - Yeah, I know how to spell it.  Was going to hit the trail after work, but being the bad weather weenie I am, I decided that since it was snowing, I would hit the t-mill.  So I did some speed work during lunch.  3 x 1 mile at 7:20 pace, then jumped on the mill at home and ran a few while watching the movie "Unbreakable".  Cool movie, brought back memories of my Western States run last summer.  Got some inspiration too.  Added bonus.  Miles - 12.0

Thursday - Ran on the mill at lunch.  Fairly easy.  I think it was around an 8:20 pace for four miles. 

Friday - Ran at lunch on the mill again.  Hit the trail from 22nd street south with Alicia after work.  It's a horrible mess, muddy and icy.  We ended up doing a lot of walking and slippin' and slidin'.  Miles - 11.0

Saturday - Karen and I ran the Striders 5k this morning.  It's a tough 5k course, lots of uphill.  I managed to run my fastest time ever there in four years of trying.  Managed a 23:33, good enough for 75th place out of 484.  The speedwork I've been doing must be working.  Here's the splits:
Mile 1 - 7:32
Mile 2 - 8:12
Mile 3 - 7:17
Finish - 23:33
Karen did pretty good for her first road 5K. 31:59.3.  Good for 9th in her age group and 343rd overall.  And she was worried about finishing last.
Miles - 3.1

Miles for the week - 41.9

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