Sunday, February 26, 2012

Week of February 19th

Sunday - didn't do squat except drive home from Moab with Aric and Britta.  Roads got just a hair dicey going over Soldier Summit with the snow, but I've driven in far worse conditions.

Monday - The track at the gym was open since school was out, so I did that rather than the t-mill.  Got thru with two miles and quit.  The legs were tired and I didn't feel like it.  I figured I'd just hit the mill at home, but my lovely wife talked me out of it.  She said something about taking the day off and resting.  Sounded like a good idea to me so I did it.  Miles - 2.0

Tuesday - Did four miles at the gym at lunch.  Was still feeling a little tired but I also wanted to get in a little weight time as well.  Met with the crew at Rainbow after work and ran six more.  The legs felt much better today than yesterday.  Still a little tired, but not bad for having run 33 miles only three days earlier.  I'll take it.  Miles - 10.0

Wednesday - Went outside and ran at lunch.  Temp was in the 50's and sunny.  Kinda hard not to.  Still, I only ran up to the grocery store to buy a couple of items, then run back, so the miles were a little short.  Went to Rainbow after work and got in a decent run all by my lonesome.  Much as I like running with my friends, it's kind of nice to just do your own thing once in awhile.  Saw a couple of other runners and hikers out there, but pretty much had the trail to myself.  Finished well after dark so I got in some night running as well.  Miles - 10.25

Thursday - Went to the gym at lunch and did the traedmill thing again.  Met with friends at Rainbow for a pm run.  I felt pretty good so I pushed it pretty hard.  We went to the canal road and back.  Coming back I was really feeling it and went out hard.  I think I ran the thing at a sub 9 pace for most of it.  Yeah, that's fast for me on a trail, especially when there's a pretty good sized hill in the way.  It was a pretty good run I have to admit.  Miles - 11.75

Friday - Went to raqinbow again, but my legs were pretty tired from the past couple of days worth of hard runs.  Instead I just ran up to the canal road and along that for a few miles, then turned around.  just took it easy.  Miles - 5.0

Saturday - had big plans to go boarding today but the high winds completely shut down Powder Mountain.  Winds of 60 mph gusting to 80 were recorded.  It was kind of windy at the house, but really not too bad.  Didn't go on a run either.  Instead I did my housework then went and played in the shop for the rest of the day.  Got some stuff done too.

Miles for the week - 39.0 miles

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Week of February 12th - Moab Red Hot, first race of the season!

Sunday - Went out for a few trail miles in the morning.  Legs felt a little tired after yesterday's hard 5K.  Thought I would end up not seeing anyone out there.  Ended up seeing Matt and Sharon Klar and Bj.  Ran back from the turnaround with Bj.  Good run.  Felt good, not super fast, but good and steady.  Worked the uphills, took it easy on the downhills.  Miles - 9.1

Monday - Did my usual lunchtime run but ran the roads from work instead of hitting the t-mill.  When I do that I can get an extra mile in since I don;t have to drive up to the gym and back.  Nice day for the run too.  Low 40's and sunny.  Tried to sucker some people into running after work to no avail.  Maybe that was a good thing.  Ended up running north from Rainbow by myself.  Doing that allowed me to push as hard as I wanted, plus I didn't stop to chat.  The run felt great, I felt light on my feet.  My legs were a little tired, but I felt like I had plenty of reserves anyway.  Ran the fastest average pace I can remember for this chunk of trail.  Miles - 13.0

Tuesday - Only managed to get in a run on the t-mill at lunch.  Miles - 4.0

Wednesday - Didn't get any running in today.  Bummer.

Thursday - Got my two runs in.  The usual t- mill run at lunch, then went out north of Rainbow to the canal road.  Turned around there, and ran back until I met with the crew, then turned around again to get some bonus miles in.  Miles 12.75

Friday - Nothing.  Spent the afternoon driving to Moab for the Red Hot 55K.

Saturday - Moab Red Hot 55K.  Wow, gorgeous day for a little run on the slickrock.  Started out in the upper 20's, sunny, no wind unlike last year.  Warmed up to the low 50"s by the afternoon.  By about three miles I shed the hat and gloves and by mile 18 I shed the jacket.  How did my race go?  Last year I ran a 6:35, so my goal this year was to go under six hours.  I felt better trained and faster.  I intentionally started out slow.  What I've discovered is that when I bolt, my heart rate soars and doesn't settle down for awhile and people just pass me later anyway.  And that kinda sucks.  The actual race was pretty uneventful for me.  I blew thru most of the aid stations, stopping to fill my water bottle as needed, but otherwise relying on the 1st Endurance Liquid Shot I had with me.  Since I was wearing my HR monitor, I wanted to try a couple of things.  First, I wanted push some and see what my HR would get up to, and second, on the flats and downhills, I wanted to keep my HR rate up by going faster.  What I've found out during training is that I can push my HR higher than I thought and still run decently and for a fairly long time.  Typically when I'm running a trail, my HR averages around the 120-130 range.  What I wanted to do was keep it nearer to 140.  This means I run faster, which means a faster time, duh!  What I didn't know was how long I could keep up that heart rate.  I know that as a race progresses, my HR will go down as I get more and more tired.  By wearing my HR monitor, I could see this happen and hopefully keep the heart rate up.  Ok, enough of the HR crap and on to the race.  It was fun.  I had a great time the entire race.  The scenery was beautiful, clear blue skies, awesome red rock, cool people to run with, and best of all, lots of great friends and beer at the finish.  I could comment on my eating and drinking and all the other technical aspects, but in the end, it was fun.  So, did I meet my goal of sub 6?  Nope, I ran a 6:07, still 30 minutes faster than last year, almost a full minute per mile drop in the pace.  Still a mid pack finish (91 out of 200, and 27/71 in the masters age group).  I'm happy with that.  I wasn't concerned with where I finished, just that I have a good time and do well.
Here's the link to my Garmin stuff.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Week of February 5th

So how many of you can spell February correctly?  Or Wednesday for that matter?  Anyway, here's this week's rundown.

Sunday - Went boarding with Karen and some friends at Snowbasin.  Had a great time, got pushed to go down stuff I probably wouldn't have, so I stretched my limits a little.  Karen fell and hurt her back bad enough to call it a day at around 1pm.  We ate lunch then went home. 

Monday - Had an appointment after work so only had time for a lunch run on the mill. Managed to get in around four miles while watching the Science channel.  I could think of worse things to watch while running.  Miles - 4.0

Tuesday - Didn't get my lunchtime run in.  Instead I met with the McKay-Dee Sports Medicine Team about coming out to my race and providing medical support for 700 runners.  I think they're kind of excited.  Usually they handle marathons and shorter stuff.  This will be their first trail race and first ultra.  They were definitely curious about what goes on during a race spanning 100 miles.  After work I met Karen at Rainbow and we went close to eight miles.  I figured she would only want to go our usual six, but nope she decided to go further.  She was awesome.  Ran a negative split and our time was actually pretty good.  I think if I really pushed I would have only finished about 10 minutes sooner.  She can really rock a downhill.  I had to work to keep up with her on the downhill.  Miles - 7.8 (1454' vert)

Wednesday - Yeah, I know how to spell it.  Was going to hit the trail after work, but being the bad weather weenie I am, I decided that since it was snowing, I would hit the t-mill.  So I did some speed work during lunch.  3 x 1 mile at 7:20 pace, then jumped on the mill at home and ran a few while watching the movie "Unbreakable".  Cool movie, brought back memories of my Western States run last summer.  Got some inspiration too.  Added bonus.  Miles - 12.0

Thursday - Ran on the mill at lunch.  Fairly easy.  I think it was around an 8:20 pace for four miles. 

Friday - Ran at lunch on the mill again.  Hit the trail from 22nd street south with Alicia after work.  It's a horrible mess, muddy and icy.  We ended up doing a lot of walking and slippin' and slidin'.  Miles - 11.0

Saturday - Karen and I ran the Striders 5k this morning.  It's a tough 5k course, lots of uphill.  I managed to run my fastest time ever there in four years of trying.  Managed a 23:33, good enough for 75th place out of 484.  The speedwork I've been doing must be working.  Here's the splits:
Mile 1 - 7:32
Mile 2 - 8:12
Mile 3 - 7:17
Finish - 23:33
Karen did pretty good for her first road 5K. 31:59.3.  Good for 9th in her age group and 343rd overall.  And she was worried about finishing last.
Miles - 3.1

Miles for the week - 41.9

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Week of January 29 - Wasatch here I come!

Sunday - Had big plans to head out to the island and get in around 10 miles.  Got up and figured that wasn't happening.  Both ankles were giving me fits after the snowshoe race.  With the left one it was the tendon in the front of the ankle and with the right it was the usual achilles pain.  Not only that, but I was surprised at how sore my legs were from the race.  So, I ended up taking the day off and playing in my shop.  Always a good alternative.  Got a bunch of new hand tools for Christmas and spent my time organizing them in my nifty new rollaway.  Good times!  Miles - 0

Monday - The ankles felt much better today and I ended up going to the gym and hitting the mill for a few miles.  I had big plans to do a few more after work but my lovely wife wanted to go out for a celebratory dinner for her 2nd place 5k finish, so we did that instead.  Miles - 4.0

Tuesday - Hit the gym at lunch for some intervals.  8 x .25 at 6:22 pace.  Lovely day on the trails after work.  Pretty good group met up at Rainbow for a little jaunt north.  Karne met us there and I stayed with her.  We went about six miles at a nice easy pace.  The rest of the crew went a little further.  It was nice to get together with some friends for a run.  haven't done that in a week or two.  Miles - 9.5 (vert 950')

Wednesday - Hit the gym again.  Went at lunch just to do a few somewhat easy miles on the mill then did a little bit of core work.  Ended up doing about four at an 8:20 pace.  Had a meeting after work, so rather than hit the trail like I would like to do, I went to the gym again and ran some on the track.  My legs are tired.  Miles - 8.0

Thursday - Went running with the crew at Rainbow.  The legs were tired.  I had no uphill umph at all adn was dragging ass behind everyone else.  Oh well, I guess you have those days occasionally.  Miles - 7.8 (vert 1145')

Friday - Only had time for a gym run at lunch.  Not much but better than nothing.  Miles 4.0

Saturday - Had another official training run on the island.  I think 30+ showed up.  One of the bigger turnouts ever.  The weather was pretty much perfect.  Sunny, cool (mid 40's), trail conditions were excellent and so was the company.  After I did the Mountain View trail, Britta and I went over and ran the Lakeside trail for a few more miles.  Miles 27.3 (vert 1045')

Miles for the week - 61.6 Biggest week of the year.  Hope I can sustain it for a few months or increase it.

Ok, just found out I got into Wasatch for the 6th time.  Aiming for my 5th finish.  I think I'd better pick up the training pace a little.  Can't wait for September to arrive.  Love running that race.