Saturday, January 21, 2012

Week of January 15

Sunday - Did nothing running wise.  After the fun on Saturday I decided to give the legs a day off.  Instead I spent the day working on the barn and playing in my shop.  Miles - 0

Monday - Hit the gym at lunch for the first workout.  Since school was out, the track was open so instead of a t-mill run, I went for four miles on the track.  I kept the pace high enough for it to qualify as a tempo run.  I was feeling it in my legs going up the stairs at work this afternoon.  We'll see how the afternoon run there goes.  Probably slower.  Well, the afternoon run was actually pretty good.  My legs were feeling the noon run so I was a little concerned that after woork would just be slow and easy.  Nope, did another five miles at a tempo pace.  Now I'm really feeling the effects.  Oh well, that's how you get faster.  Miles - 9.0

Tuesday - Wimped out of an after work run on the trails.  Too cold for me.  Instead I did the track at the gym.  Only went five miles, but I did push it.  I feel like I'm getting faster than I have been for a few years.  Miles - 5.0

Wednesday - Did the gym thing twice.  At lunch I did four one-mile repeats at 7:30 pace with a .25 rest in between.  After work I came home and ran another 3.5 on the mill while dinner was cooking.  Dinner needs to cook longer so I can get more miles in.  Miles - 8.0

Thursday - Only had time for the gym today.  Did four on the mill at around an 8:30 pace.  Miles 4.0

Friday - Sigh, another mill day.  Did five on the mill at home at 8:15 pace, the last mile was at 7:45.  Spent most of the day at the winter outdoor retailer show.  Lots of cool stuff companies are trying to sell.  Miles - 5.0

Saturday - Yet another t-mill day.  It dumped rain all day long, then turned to snow.  Kind of glad I didn't go out in the stuff.  Hope I can get out some next week.  Miles - 10.0

Miles for the week - 41.0
Vert for the week - 0'

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