Sunday, January 1, 2012

Week of January 1, 2012

Sunday - New Year's Day.  A whole mess of us (12) went for a New Year's Day.  Most everyone went 12 miles, but Karen and I ended up going about 8.6 miles.  Her furthest run ever.  She did great.  We ended up having a party in the parking lot after the run.  Lots of fun on a gorgeous new Year's Day.  Miles - 8.6 (1474')

Monday - Went out for a few with some of the guys.  Rainbow north, the usual.  We went to the canal road and back.  Kind of cool and windy at the mouth of the canyon, but once the sun came out it was nice.  After that, Kevin and I went out to Stansbury Island to kill some gourds.  Yep, we took the guns and some left over Thanksgiving decorations and repeatedly shot them.  They were evil gourds and deserved to die.  Plus it was a ton of fun.  We also shot some terroristic pieces of scrap wood.  They won't bother us anymore either.  Nothing says fun like spending money throwing high velocity lead downrange.  Miles - 7.75 (1568')

Tuesday - Went for a nice easy run with Karen starting at Rainbow.  We were hoping to meet up with a couple others, but we got there late and never saw them.  Gorgeous day, I ran in shorts.  Who knew you could do that in January here in northern Utah.  Miles - 5.2 (927')

Wednesday - Lunch, ran 3 x 1 mile at 7:47 or faster.  Warmed up with a .5 easy run and ran each mile with a .25 walk or slow jog in between.  Did the obligatory pull ups and situps after that.  Hit the gym again after work and got a few miles in on the track.  Had big plans to push the pace, but ended up only pushing for a mile or so.  The rest of the time was fairly easy.  Miles 9.1 (0')

Thursday - Met at Rainbow again.  This time we had a pretty good group, maybe eight or so?  We went out to almost the canal road and back.  Most of us pushed it a little.  Felt good.  The weather was great, mid 40's to start, cooling off a little by the time we got done.  On the way back a couple of us went flying down the trail, managed around a 6:30 pace.  It was dusk so I was getting a little worried about going down hard.  Makes you concentrate on your footing a little more when you're doing something like that.  Miles - 7.56 (1407')

Friday - Hit the trail with Karen for a few after work.  Started at 22nd street and went south.  Cut down Strong's Canyon adn came back on the low trail.  Sure cooled off after dark.  Miles - 5.7 (1100')

Saturday - Didn't run today.  Had to take Kevin to the airport so he could go back to Grand Forks and school.  The rest of the day was spent taking dwon Christmas decorations and cleaning house. 

Miles for the week - 43.8
Vert - 6476'

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