Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Week of December 25th

Sunday - Ah, Christmas Day.  Didn't do any running at all.  Instead we just did the usual Christmas Day thing.   Slept in, got up, then woke up Kevin, opened presents, ate breakfast, then started fixing dinner.  Found out that I'm now a part of the NUTS running club.  Secret handshake and all that.  Actually, we're just a few friends that do some training together, some races, and some adventure runs.  We have a good time.  We're trying to come up with a logo or shirt design.  Miles - 0

Monday - Went up to Wheeler Canyon and ran the Sardine loop with some friends.  Most of the trail was snow covered, but there was quite a bit that was still bare dirt.  Unusual at this time of year.  The day was nice, a little cold to start.  My ankle wanted to act up on the way back down.  With all of the divots and such in the snow, my ankle would get tweaked everytime I did the smallest misstep.  made for a slower run than normal.  I don't think I want to run that trail again until either more snow falls or it all melts.  Of course, carrying around the extra weight from all of the eating the day before didn't help either.  Miles - 15.3

Tuesday - Met the usual cast of misfits and we went north from Rainbow Garden.  Not a bad run.  I certainly felt better today than I did yesterday.  My running was much easier, the ankle didn't bother me at all and it was just a good time.  It did get chilly once the sun went down, but that's to be expected at this time of year.  Maybe I can get some decent running in this week.  Miles - 7.8

Wednesday - So I had big plans to put in some miles.  Instead, I went to the gun range with Kevin and did some father-son bonding over firearms.  Nothing like the smell of gunpowder and throwing some lead downrange.  I can put in some miles tomorrow.  He's not home all that often.  Miles - 0

Thursday - Went out from Rainbow Garden with a couple of friends.  We ended up doing the usual six miles or so.  I felt great.  I was able to power up all the climbs, no ankle or achilles issues.  It was wonderful.  Miles - 6.3

Friday - Took off from work a little early and hit the trail by myself starting at 22nd street.  Started out doing an 8.4 mile loop that I do once in awhile, but mixed it up some by coming down Strong's Canyon and back on the lower trail.  Felt pretty good once again.  Tried to push things a little, especially on the uphills.  The weather was unreal.  Close to 60 degrees but windy.  that ended up making the trails mudy in spots due to the melting snow.  Nothing like spring running at the end of December.  Miles - 8.5

Saturday - Nice easy few miles with Karen.  We went out in the morning from the North Ogden nature Center.  Fun to run with my wife.  Miles - 3.1

Total miles for the week - 41.0

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