Monday, December 12, 2011

Week of Dec. 11

Sunday - Once again, didn't do squat.  Instead I took my lovely wife to go see Blue Man Group.  A much better use of my time than running, at least today.  Miles - 0

Monday - Did the speed work thing again at lunch.  Ran 6 x .50 at a 7:30 pace or faster.  0.10 mile rest in between.  Treadmill time.  Did three sets of pull ups as well.  The after work run was again at the aquatic center.  One mile warm up then four miles at roughly a tempo pace.  Miles - 9.0

Tuesday - Had big plans to go out at lunch and do a few miles.  Instead I ended up going to lunch with my wife.  Much better deal I think.  Then I had big plans to hit the trails after work for about six miles.  I made it about .25 miles before a pain in my ankle forced me to turn around.  Feels like the remanent of a sprained ankle, except I haven't sprained or rolled an ankle.  Hmmm.  Anyway, went home and hopped on the treadmill.  The pain didn't bother me there so I ended up doing five on the mill.  Not ideal but something.  Miles - 5.0

Wednesday - Hit the gym and treadmill again at lunch.  Four miles at an increasing pace.  Last two miles at 8:00 and faster.  Did a few pullups and situps as well.  The after work run was from Rainbow Garden going north.  Did almost 8 miles with Aric and Bj.  Lots of fun.  We pushed it a little, especially coming back.  I did get a little chilled but oh well.  I think I've run outside more so far this winter than I did all of last winter.  After looking at my mileage for the year, I might yet hit 2200.  We'll see.  Miles - 11.8

Thursday - Didn't get a chance to run at lunch since I needed to pick up Kevin from the airport.  Once I picked him up we went home, I dropped him off and went to run with a couple friends.  We met at Rainbow and did out usual six mile out and back.  I wasn't feeling the love for this run.  I lagged well behind the others on the out portion.  My right achilles was bothering me and my left ankle was bothering me.  Made for some slow limping running.  Going uphill was the issue, downhill and flat was fine.  I finally caught up at the turn around and headed back.  I did manage to do a better job of keeping up on the way back.  It did get a little chilly on the way back.  Even with the foot issues, it was still a good run.  Miles - 7.8

Friday - Didn't run at all.  Instead I spent the day sitting on my butt traveling to So Cal with Karen and Kevin.  Miles - 0

Saturday - Karen and I had big plans to go out for a few miles.  My ankle was bothering me so much that we turned around did a whopping 1 mile.  I would have gone further, but the cooler head of my wife prevailed and I decided to just take a rest.  Miles - 1.0

Total miles for the week - 34.6

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