Saturday, December 4, 2010

Updated 2011 Race Schedule

So, big excitement in the air. I got picked in the Western States 100 lottery. A roughly 15% chance and I made it. Goes to show that when you aren't really planning on something happening, then it does. So I immediately signed up for Vermont 100, Leadville 100, and I'm already in the lottery for the Wasatch 100. Let the training begin. I'm thinking now I should get a coach. I would love to go sub-24 at Western, Vermont and Leadville, and sub-30 at Wasatch. That's going to take some serious training and a coach may be the help I need to do that.
So, here's the new updated race/significant run schedule.

1/29-Winter Snowshoe Festival-probably the 25k, but maybe the 50k

2/12-Striders Winter Training Series 5K

2/19-Moab Red Hot 50K

2/26-Striders Winter Training Series 10K

3/12-Striders Winter Training Series 10 mile

3/25-3/26-Antelope Island Buffalo Run-my little gift to the ultrarunning world. I'm expecting around 600 runners in 2011

4/2-Striders Winter Training Series half marathon

4/16-Grand Canyon double crossing

4/23-Red Mountain 50K

5/14-Grandeur Peak "fun" run

5/21-Timp Trail Marathon

5/28-Pocatello 50 mile

6/4-Squaw Peak 50 mile

6/11-Boise Half Ironman

6/25-Western States 100

7/16-Vermont 100

8/6-Zion Traverse-This is about the only weekend I could do this one. I may have to put this run off until 2012.

8/20-Leadville 100

9/9-Wasatch 100

9/18-Rock Cut Hobo Run 50K

10/15-Mountain View Trail Half Marathon

11/5-Antelope Island 100K


  1. That's quite the schedule! Sounds like an epic year. Enjoy, good luck, and see you on the trails.

  2. Holy Moses, you are going to be busy. Can't wait for Buffalo!