Thursday, December 2, 2010

Putting together the 2011 race schedule

So I've been working on the 2011 race and significant run schedule for 2011. There's so many runs out there that I want to do plus the ones I've done in the past that I really like that it gets difficult to pick which ones I want to run.
I started out by signing up for the Western States lottery. I'll find out on Dec. 4th whether I got picked or not. With over 1500 runners vying for about 225 spots, my 15% chance doesn't look particularly good. I decided that if the lottery gods did smile upon me and I was picked, then I would go ahead and sign up for the Grand Slam of ultrarunning. For those that don't know waht that is, it's the four oldest 100 mile races in the country, done in the same year. Actually done in eleven weeks. Western States 100 starts this madness off, followed by the Vermont 100, then back to the mountains of Colorado for the Leadville 100 and to top things off, the Wasatch 100 in my back yard of Utah. Every year a couple dozen people declare their intent, but usually less than ten finish all four races.
I also entered the Wasatch 100 lottery as well. Last year I didn't get picked but I'm hoping my chances are better this time around. That lottery isn't until Feb. I love the Wasatch race. Every time I do it I swear I'm not doing it again, but it keeps drawing me back.
Signing up for Vermont and leadville shouldn't be an issue if I get into Western States.
So what do I do if I don't get into WS? Throw my hands up in despair.....not. Plenty of other great races out there. If I don't get into WS, then I'm planning on signing up for the Ultra Trail du Mont Blanc in France/Switzerland/Italy. It's a 166km trail race around Mont Blanc, the highest point in Europe. This race allows 2300 runners in and has a lottery as well. Some of my Speedgoat team mates ran it this past August and some are going to sign up for next year. That race would be a definite good time since I've never been to Europe before. I'll have to take Karen on that trip if I get in.
That's the big news on the race schedule. I have plenty of other races that I want to do, so here's the tenative list as of now:

1/29-Winter Snowshoe Festival-probably the 25k, but maybe the 50k

2/12-Striders Winter Training Series 5K

2/19-Moab Red Hot 50K-been wanting to run this one for a few years

2/26-Striders Winter Training Series 10K

3/12-Striders Winter Training Series 10 mile

3/25-3/26-Antelope Island Buffalo Run-my little gift to the ultrarunning world. I'm expecting around 600 runners in 2011

4/2-Striders Winter Training Series half marathon

4/16-Grand Canyon double crossing (47 miles) with friends. A definite good time.

4/23-Red Mountain 50K-never done this race, traded entries with the RD, down by St. George

5/14-Grandeur Peak "fun" run-A little 10 mile run with an ungodly climb (3000'+ in maybe 2 miles)

5/21-Timp Trail Marathon-ran it last year in the snow and rain. Beautiful tough course.

5/28-Pocatello 50 mile-cancelled midway thru this year due to extreme conditions (blizzard)

6/4-Squaw Peak 50 mile-I volunteer at this one every year. Way too much fun hiking in supplies five miles, uphill to 9000', then helping over 200 runners get to the finish

6/11-Boise Half Ironman-yeah, I know, my first tri. Doing it with a friend and it should be pretty interesting

6/25-Western States 100 or Logan Peak-I love Logan Peak, but if I get into WS, then that's where I'm going. Also looking at the Black Hills 100 in SD as a WS substitute

7/16-Vermont 100 if I get into WS. Possibly Devil's Backbone 50 mile in WY if I don't.

7/29-Swancrest 100-Failed at this one this year, too slow. Beautiful course, lots of grizzly bears. Need I say more.

8/20-Leadville 100 if I get into WS, Where's Waldo 100K if I don't. I've run WW five times and love that race.

8/27-UTMB if I get picked and I don't get into WS

9/9-Wasatch 100-Gotta do this one again.

9/?-Rock Cut Hobo Run 50K-I started this race when I lived in IL. I've never been back to run it but it's still going on. Gives us a chance to see our daughter and her family as well.

10/15-Mountain View Trail half Marathon-one of the other events I put on on Antelope Island

11/5-Antelope Island 100K-Another event I put on

I need to find a race or two to take me thru the fall. Suggestions? Maybe Le Grizz in Montana? I'd also love to squeeze in a Zion Traverse in maybe late summer. That's about 45 miles across Zion National Park.

Well, that's it. We'll see how the winter training plays out. So far it's ok, not great. I have started swimming in anticipation of the half ironman. Guess I need to start biking as well.

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  1. Nice schedule. The Zion Traverse sounds like a fun time. Count me in...