Sunday, April 5, 2015

Life's twists and turns

Tomorrow I start a new job.  Yeah, I know that I told everyone that I was going out on my own with full time race directing, but sometimes life throws other options in your path that are too enticing to pass up.
Since January, I've been lining up races, either looking to buy or starting new ones.  Things have been going pretty well in that department.  In June I will be taking over the RD duties for the Logan Peak Trail Run.  Starting next week, I have a weekly trail series starting here in Ogden, the Ogden Citizen Trail Series.  The Antelope Island Buffalo Run saw its biggest turnout ever with 854 signed up and about 770 showing up to race.  I now have a new website to better integrate the various events I'm doing now.  I'm still working on a 25K/50K race on the Good Water Rim Trail, although that's going to be delayed for a few more months.  I'm also looking at a couple of other races.
So, overall, things were looking pretty good.  I just might be able to make my house payment occasionally.
My last day at my contract job was Feb. 27.  I met with my boss, I told him of my plans, he wished me well and mentioned that he was a bit jealous.
The first week of unemployment, or self employment, found me working about 50 hours trying to get things lined up for the Buffalo Run, and working on these other things.  At the end of the week I had forgotten to send out my four required job applications in order to collect that unemployment check.  I hurriedly sent out four resumes for four positions to two different headhunter websites.  that was on Sunday March 8.  I really wasn't expecting to hear anything back.  I had put high salary demands, not sent cover letters, or any of the usual things you're supposed to do, because I didn't really care.
Well, that's when things start to get interesting.  That Tuesday I heard back from one of the headhunters.  She told me about the position, said that my qualifications looked perfect for it and could she present me to them.  I said sure, go ahead.  I've been presented numerous times over the past couple of years and it has never resulted in anything.  I fully expected the same thing.  She called me back the next day and told me that they wanted to interview me.  I told the headhunter of my schedule, that these next two weeks I was basically in full on panic mode with race stuff but here was my schedule, the rest of that week, MTW of race week, or they would have to wait until after the race.  She called me back and asked if I could go in Monday.  Sure, why not.  So in I went for about half a day.  The interview ended up going really well.  Things just clicked, I liked the people, the job looked very interesting and would definitely keep me hopping.  I told the headhunter that I'd like to pursue it if they were interested in me.  She called me back later that day, told me that they really liked me and could I come in again to meet with a couple more people.  I reminded her of my schedule and I ended up going back in on Wednesday morning.  Met with a couple more people, still liked what I saw and let her know.  She called me back that afternoon and said that they wanted to make me an offer and that it would come in either that day or Thursday.
Well, Thursday I was out on the island course marking, setting up race stuff and generally getting ready for the next couple of days.  Also, no internet access and sporadic cell phone, so naturally I didn't hear anything.  Friday morning I was out on the island, looking out over the Great Salt Lake, watching the sun rise, drinking my coffee and enjoying the calm before the 100 mile madness started and my phone rings.  It was the headhunter telling me the details about the offer.  In a word, it was too good to pass up.
The next thing was to set a start date.  I mentioned that my kids and grandkids were coming out a week after the race and I wasn't going to be at work while they were here, so a start date of April 6 was agreed to.
So, I start a new job tomorrow morning.  Added bonus, it's about 10 minutes from my house.  If they have locker and shower facilities, I'll be running to work.
If you're wondering what my job is, Manufacturing Engineer at JBT Aerotech in Ogden.  Full time, direct employee, full benefits.  Something I haven't had in a couple of years.  You know the jetways that you walk down to get on a plane?  Yeah, they're made right here in Ogden.
On an additional note, after I accepted the offer, I had calls from one other company wanting to talk to me and another headhunter wanting to talk to me about positions.  It's kind of like a couple that tries for years to get pregnant, gives up and adopts, and a month later she's pregnant.
So, full time job, additional races to direct, I'm going to be a busy little boy.
I guess the moral of the story is to remain flexible and keep your options open.  You never know what's going to just drop into your lap.

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