Saturday, January 17, 2015

2015 Is Looking Good

Well, my running schedule for 2015 is shaping up nicely.  A fair number of races like usual and throwing in a few adventure runs as well.  So, here it be:
Jan. 31 - Kahtoola Snowshoe 25K
This will be the fifth time I've done this race and the third time for the 25K.  Last year I actually podiumed.  First time I've ever managed that.  Let's see if I can do it again.
Feb. 21 - Antelope Canyon 55K
This is a new race for me.  A bunch of HUMR's are going down there, so it should be a pretty good party.  Not to mention a run in warmer weather and dirt.  Yay for dirt!
Mar. 20-21 - Antelope Island Buffalo Run
My big event for the year.  Not running it, but running it.  Numbers are up from last year so I'm thinking there could be 700 out there on race day.  This being the 10th year, we'll have a live classic rock band, locally made finisher mugs and hopefully even more homebrew.  Guess I'd better get busy on that.
Mar. 28 - Pickled Feet 6 Hour
I've never run this one but it's been on my list.  Up in Boise, it'll be fun to get together with the Boise crew.  I have a goal for this race in terms of miles, but I'm not stating it here.
Apr. 24 - Salt Flats 100
I'm one for three at this race.  Last year I dropped at 80 miles when an epic 500 year storm hit the course.  Yeah, I have some unfinished business here.  All of my training and racing year to date is focused on this one.
April 2 - June 4 - Ogden Citizen Trail Series
This is a new race series that I'm trying to get started here in Ogden.  Weekly, every Thursday evening at 7pm.  5K/10K ish.  Cheap entry fees, no shirts, just a good time racing on the local trails.  Stay tuned for more info.
Early May sometime - Zion Traverse
Not sure of the exact date yet, but looking early.
May 23 - Timp Trail Marathon
One of my local favorites.  Always a good time and usually a muddy mess.
Jun. 27 - Logan Peak Trail Run
Another of my local favorites.  Awesome scenery, tough, runs like a 50K.
Jul. 24-26 - Speedgoat
I swore off the Speedgoat 50K a couple of years ago.  My thinking was that this race always beat me up and I never ran a decent time.  Well, Karl went and added the uphill mile the day before and the quadbanger on Sunday.  So what did I do?  Signed up for all three.  Sometimes I'm not real bright.
August is kind of up in the air right now.  Not entirely sure I'll go run El Vaquero Loco again, although I love that race.  I might be doing some pacing at Tushar Mountains too.  Or maybe I just stay home and concentrate on training for my key race the next month.
Sep. 11 - Wasatch 100
THE RACE for the year.  Guaranteed entry for me this year.  I've put in my time and have my six finishes.  No more lottery for me.  Yay!  This is the key race for me for the year.  All of my training will culminate here.  After last year's 29:40 finish, I'm fired up to go faster this year.  Hopefully the trail running gods are kind and let me do that.
Sep. 25 - Bear 100
I imagine I'll be pacing someone here.  I love to go help crew and pace at this race.
Nov. 7 - Good Water Rim 25K/50K
This is a new race I'm putting on down near Castledale, UT.  Very cool trail right on the edge of a canyon.
Nov. 14 - Antelope Island 50K/Mountain View Trail Half Marathon
My fall races on the island.  Always a good time.
I have some other adventure runs on the agenda, I'm just not sure when at this time.  These include Kings Peak, finally, Teton circumnavigation, and the Wind Rivers.  Hopefully I can make all of those.
That's it.  Lots on the agenda.  I'm sure I'll see all sorts of you local runners out there on the trails and at races.
I'm already planning 2016.  That year looks to be epic.

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