Monday, November 5, 2012

Week of October 28

I haven't posted in a couple weeks mainly due to the fact that my lovely wife underwent major back surgery shortly after our Zion trip.  It was a planned surgery as she has had back pain for years.  She ended up with a L4-L5 fusion. 
Since I was getting kind of burnt out with running, I figured that taking a bit of time off to take care of her post surgery would be a good thing to do, and it has been.  I dropped out of the Ogden Valley 50 mile, and did no running at all the week of her surgery. 
I'm happy to say that now less than two weeks post surgery, she is doing great.  She's out walking around the neighborhood, and generally feeling better.  It'll be a full year of recovery, but as time goes on, she'll be able to pick up more and more activites.  No snowboarding or horsey riding for the winter, but by next spring she should be back in action for the most part.
Meanwhile, I've started running again this week, but only during lunch.  Having her family here is a big help, but they go home this weekend.

Sunday - Didn't do any running at all.

 Monday - Ran at lunch.  Did my usual five mile route down the bike path.  Felt good to get back out running, but I did feel a bit sluggish.  Miles - 5.0

Tuesday - Went out again at lunch.  Gorgeous day, near 70.  Tried pushing a little bit.  Wanted to keep the average pace at least under nine minutes.  Manage to do that, but not by much.  Went to Pilates tonight.  I could tell I hadn't been there in a week, it was kind of tough.  Miles - 5.0

Wednesday - Went out again at lunch.  Record high temps.  Went the other direction down the bike path today.  Miles - 4.9

Thursday - Went on an older route that I used to do all the time.  Managed to keep the pace below 8:30 today.  I actually felt pretty good, not stiff, not tired.  Miles - 5.2

Friday - Was going to go after work from Rainbow north, but when I got to the trailhead, I thought "nope, just not into it today" and went home.  I usually enjoy running by myself, but today I kind of wanted someone to run with.  Oh well.  Miles - 0.0

Saturday - Didn't run at all.  The first training run for the Buffalo Run was today, but I didn't make it.  Instead, I spent the day cleaning house, doing laundry, and generally getting stuff done around the house now that guests are gone.  Felt good to get a bunch of stuff done, but I did feel a bit guilty for not running.  I got over it pretty quick though.  I'm still not ready to get back into the training thing yet.  I'm still doing Pilates, and running at lunch during the week, but weekend running isn't happening.  This has me a bit worried, but I'm sure once things settle down a bit, Karen gets more mobile and able to do things, that the bug will come back.  Meanwhile, I feel like I'm getting a bit fat.

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  1. I hope that the surgery went well and your wife is recovering well.