Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Week of September 2 - Wasatch this Friday

Sunday - Didn't run at all.  It kind of bugged me since it's been three days now.  I feel fat.  Instead, Karen and I went for a horsey ride on Antelope Island.  We went up the Sentry Trail.  I hadn't been up there in awhile, so it was nice to go somewhere a little different.  It was a gorgeous day, clear air, warm but not hot.  Very nice indeed.

Monday - Finally went for a run.  Went north from Rainbow to the canal road.  I was by myself for the way out, but met up with Forrest, Breein, and Emily for the run back.  I cruised the run out, felt good, strong, fast (fast being a relative term).  Going back it was nice to chat with friends.  On the long clamb back, there was a mountain bike part way up the hill.  I always make it a game to try and catch them before they get to the top, so I took off after the guy.  I caught him right at the top of the climb.  Definitely had to push hard for that one but it felt good to expend that kind of effort.

Tuesday - Nothing at all.  Was going to Pilates, but the class filled and there isn't a spot.  Oh well.  Rest time.

Wednesday - I plan on running a few.  I'll amend this if I do.

Thursday - Nothing planned except go to bed early.

Friday - Race Time!

Wasatch Preview -
So, time for my main race of the season.  This will be my 6th attempt at Wasatch and hopefully my 5th finish.  I say hopefully because in a 100 mile race, anything can happen regardless of how well you're trained.  A stumble and twisted ankle, stomach going south even though it never has in the past, mauled by a bear or a moose (not really, but I suppose it could happen).
Last year I ran the Grand Slam of Ultrarunning and did just fine at Wasatch.  If I had gotten my butt out of aid stations sooner, I might have gone sub-30 hour, or at least close to it.  But I was tired.  Well, this year I'm much better trained than I ever have been for this race.  My year-to-date mileage is over 400 miles higher than last year and higher than it ever has been before Wasatch.  That's like having an extra month and a half of training for me.  I've raced roughly once a month since January and each race has been a PR for me, some by substantial margins.  Even the mental attitude is there this time to try and run my fastest time ever for this race.  Here's the list of races I've done this year.

January -
Kahtoola Bigfoot Snowshoe Festival 25K

February -
Striders Winter Training Series 5K, my fastest 5K in a very long time on a difficult course
Moab Red Hot 55K - course PR by about 10 minutes

April -
Grand Canyon R2R2R - Another fun time in the big ditch with friends.  Added bonus, snow!
Salt Flats 100 - The earliest in the year I've ever run a 100. 

May -
Timp Trail Marathon - course PR by a lot.

June -
Logan Peak - Another course PR and one of my favorite races.

July -
Speedgoat 50K - Not sure I like this race.  Gorgeous but incrediblyl difficult.  Another course PR on a longer course than last year.

August -
Waldo 100K - Another of my favorite races.  Longer course so no course PR, but it was still good.

So, how does it look for me at Wasatch?  Well, I'm going to do my best to go under 30 hours this year.  The key is going to be getting out of the aid stations quickly during the later miles of the race.  In 2008 I ran a 28 hour race but it took me 32 hours to do, mainly because I spent over four hours in aid stations.  Not happening this year if I can help it.
Pacers?  I had two lined up, Meghan and Britta.  Meghan for the section from Lamb's Canyon to Brighton (23 miles), and Britta for Brighton to the finish (25 miles).  Britta had a stress fracture in her foot and it's still giving her issues, so I managed to get Ryan to pace me for the last 25 if he's there waiting for me.  He's pacing a friend to Brighton and if he gets there before I do, then he paces me, if not, then the last 25 is on my own.  That's what has me a bit worried.  I tend to loose focus late in a race because of the tiredness and pain.  If I can keep that focus, then the last 25 won't be an issue.
Weather?  The weather is going to play to my strength.  It's going to be a warm one.  I love running in warm weeather.  High on Friday around 85, low Friday night in the mountains probably in the mid 40's.  I won't have to bundle up too much.  No rain in the forecast either.
So, here's my pace chart - yep, I'm throwing out a 29 hour pace.

Time in
Start 0 mi. 5:00
Francis Peak 18.76 mi. 9:10
Bountiful B 23.95 mi. 10:30
Sessions 28.23 mi. 11:25
Swallow Rocks 34.91 mi. 13:30
Big Mountain 39.4 mi. 14:25
Alexander 47.44 mi. 16:25
Lambs Canyon 53.13 mi. 18:10
Millcreek 61.68 mi. 20:45
Deso 66.93 mi. 23:00
Scotts Pass 70.79 mi. 0:15
Brighton Lodge 75.61 mi. 1:30
Ant Knolls 80.27 mi. 3:30
Poll Line Pass 83.39 mi. 4:30
Rock Springs 87.39 mi. 5:45
Pot Bottom 93.13 mi. 8:00
The Homestead 100 mi. 10:15

If you want to follow along, you can check the race website here.  My bib number is 261.
Alternatively, if you're friends with me on Facebook, I will have my phone with me and I will try to post when I go thru each aid station, signal willing.  If you have my cell number, feel free to give me a call or text.
At any rate, it'll be a good time.  At least I hope it will be.

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  1. Jim, you will do great!!! I'll pace you as quickly as I can.