Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Week of July 15 vacation time

Sunday - Did the Ogden Triple Threat with a bunch of friends.  Started at 22nd street, went up and over Indian Trail to Smokey Bear, then headed back over Indian to the Hidden Valley Trail.  Never have been all the way to the end of that one.  Very cool views of Taylor Canyon. Then back down Hidden Valley to the cars to refuel and rehydrate.  The last section was a run up Malan's.  All in all a ton of vert (7000' worth) in a few miles.  Good Speedgoat training.  Had a great time hanging with some fellow HUMR's.  Miles - 17.7

Monday - Went out at lunch for my usual run.  It was slow.  The legs were dragging, hmmm, probably from the run yesterday.  Had plans to go out after work, but it started raining and that was a good excuse to take some rest time.  Miles - 5.0

Tuesday - Went out for a run before work.  Just ran around the industrial park near the house.  Went out after work for a few more.  On my after work run I was about 100 yards from the trailhead and done when I felt in my pocket for my car key.  Guess what?  Not there.  I immediately turned around and started running back down the trail looking for it.  I have always put my key in my pocket and have never had it fall out.  Apparently this time I thought it did.  Anyway, I got about a mile back down the trail and happened to look at my water bottle.  Then it dawned on me that I had put my key in the little zipper pocket on the bottle holder just so it wouldn't fall out.  Stupid me.  Well, I got a couple of extra miles in and still managed to make it to Pilates.  Miles - 12.1

Wednesday - Didn't do squat.  Had plans to go out in the morning, but that didn't happen.  Instead, we hopped on a plane and flew to see our daughter, her family,and our son back in Illinois.  Good times.  The flight was a mess.  So, we had to change planes in Chicago since we were flying into Madison, WI.  Our flight from Chicago to Madison was cancelled due to storms so we had Jessica drive into Chicago and pick us up.  Yeah, it was a mess.

Thursday - Didn't do squat again.  Slept in then spent the day getting a rental car and figuring out where our luggage was.  Oh, and I spent a fair amount of time playing with my grandson.  Always a fun time.

Friday - Drove to Rock Cut State Park and got a few miles in.  This is where I used to do a lot of trail running when we lived back here.  Kind of nice to hit the trails here again.  Still, I got a whopping 500' of vertical over the miles.  Miles - 11.8

Saturday - Went out from Jessica's house with Karen for a little road run.  We just did an out and back.  Miles - 5.13

Total for the week - 51.73

So not a huge week, but I did manage to get a few miles in even on vacation.

No restaurant review this week.  Sorry

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  1. Your key situation is my biggest fear. I've become OCD about checking my pocket to make sure I don't lose the key because I'd hate to finish a trail run ready to die and then be locked out of the car.

    Well-done getting some vacation miles in.