Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Week of July 1

So, the year is half done and what have I accomplished.  Well, here's a short little synopsis of the year's running activities to date.
Total miles since January 1- 1373.44
Total miles for the month of June - 266.17 or 62.11 miles/week or 8.87 miles/day on average
Total vert for the month of June - 44,351' of up, or 10,348'/week or 1478.4'/day
Total racing miles - 171.2
Races so far - Striders Winter Training Series 5K, Moab Red Hot 55K, Salt Flats 100 mile, Timp Trail Marathon, Logan Peak Trail Run
This is my highest mileage year of running so far.  I'm about 300 miles ahead of last year at this time.  I wish I had had this kind of mileage last year prepping for the Slam.  The mileage is paying off I think.  In every race I've run this year, my times have been faster than ever. Hmmm, maybe there is something to this training thing.

Sunday - Went with Karen for a few miles in the morning.  Started at 22nd street and ended up going up to Waterfall Canyon.  Made for a nice little run.  The legs were a little tired from the race, but no soreness at all.  Miles - 5.05

Monday - Went out for a lunch time run.  Thank goodness there was a breeze.  It did get kind of warm.  I stuck to the paved bike path since it seems to be a little cooler and not quite as exposed.  Went out again in the evening with Karen.  She had 4 miles on her schedule wo we went up to Wheeler and ran to Art Nord and back.  I wasn't feeling it going up or coming back down.  She smoked me on the downhill.  Still, it was a nice evening to be out running in the woods.  Miles - 9.24

Tuesday - Actually went out for a morning run.  Karen goes to Pilates on Tuesday mornings, so this gave me a chance to go out then instead of at lunch.  Ugh!  It was hard to get moving that early.  Only had time for around four miles on the road through the BDO.  After work I went up to Wheeler and ran up to Art Nord and back down Ice Box Canyon.  That's about all I had time for.  Miles - 8.8

Wednesday - 4th of July!  Went with Aric, Shawn, Ryan, and John for a little trail jaunt at Snowbasin.  We ran the Needles trail to Needles Lodge, then Ryan and I headed for the top of Mt. Ogden while the rest headed down.  Perfect day for a run, nice breeze, awesome company, beautiful scenery.  When Ryan and I finally got back to the parking lot, Shawn had a couple of cold ones waiting.  Nothing like a cold beer after a run like that.  So what if it was 10am.  Definitely a good time.  Miles - 16.75

Thursday - It rained a good chunk of the day and since I'm a weather weenie, I didn't go run.  However, I did go to Pilates and since I didn't run and the rain was over by then, I rode my bike there and back.  Makes for a nice little 12 mile ride.  Miles - 0 (I figure the bike ride was equivalent to about 5 miles of running).

Friday - Went for the usual noon run of around five miles.  Had big plans to go out after work while on the island.  Went out there to help out with the annual moonlight bike ride.  Every year on the Friday closest to the full moon in July, there's a moonlight bike ride on Antelope Island.  This year there were 1700 riders.  Parking all of those cars can be something of a pain, but the 22 mile bike ride was pretty fun.  Just moseyed down the road making sure other bikers were ok.  Didn't get home and in bed until after 3am, but that's usually the case with this event.  Miles - 5.0

Saturday - Well, after about three hours of sleep I got up and headed up to Snowbasin to go for a little run with some friends.  Karen came up later so she could get her nine miles in.  Ended up with a little under 16 total.  The post run festivities in the parking lot were just as fun as the run.  Miles - 15.9

Weekly total - 60.74 (not including the bike miles)

Restaurant review - So this week we went to one of our favorite Mexican Restaurants, The Red Iguana down in Salt Lake City.  This place is awesome.  The food is always good.  I had some sort of tortilla like things with cheese in them, covered in mole sauce, rice and beans.  Very tasty.  They are known for their many different types of mole sauce.  Can't remember what Karen had, but she liked it.  Dessert was chocolate flan for Karen and a true fried ice cream for me.  Good stuff.  The service was exceptional as well.  We love going there.

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