Monday, May 14, 2012

Week of May 6th and an Irish Pub

Sunday - Went for a nice little run with my lovely wife.  We started at Wheeler trailhead and ran the Green Pond route.  Gorgeous day and we even saw a couple of young moose just past Art Nord trailhead.  Karen was thrilled.  She has a thing about moose.  Followed the run up with breakfast at The Oaks.  She actually enjoyed the run.  Awesome!  Miles - 9.0

Monday - Did a short run at lunch just to get out.  Pushed it fairly hard since this is speed day.  I was going to do speed work with Breein and Shawn, but they had things come up.  Karen and I ended up meeting at Rainbow and heading north.  After about 1.5 miles, Karen wasn't feeling the running love so we turned around and headed back.  Just one of those days where things aren't quite right.  Oh well.  Miles - 6.26

Tuesday - Went out north of Rainbow by myself.  No one wanted to run with me.  I did take a shower but seems like that didn't matter.  Anyway, wanted to get some miles in before Pilates class.  Went a little beyond the three mile point heading north.  Pilates was a killer this week.  Did a fair amount of upper body work and I was sore after that.  Miles - 6.26

Wednesday - Did a double today.  Went out for a tempo run at lunch.  I ahve a standard 5.2 mile route that I run at lunchtime and I really pushed it.  Well below 8:30 pace for most of the miles.  Felt pretty good to do that.  My pm run was more of a hike.  I made my second trip up Malan's Peak this year.  There was still some ice on the trail near the top.  It's covered with pine needles and such so it's insulated.  Anyway, the legs were tired from the lunch run but I tried to push the hiking pace anyway.  Whenever I go up that trail, there's always other hikers out trying to make it up.  It's a steep trail.  Made it up from 22nd street in less than an hour, then ran back down in around 30 minutes.  I would love to get that up time down to around 45 minutes by the end of summer.  We'll see.  The plan is to go upthis once a week just for the vert.  Miles - 10.8

Thursday - Went on another double run today.  At lunch I ran up to the bank to deposit a check, then added another mile or so just because going to the bank wasn't long enough.  After work Karen and I met the Ogden group up at Wheeler for a short little run.  We went up Wheeler, Ice Box canyon an towards Sardine for around four miles, then turn around.  I was pleasantly surprised at how well Karen did going uphill.  She's really come along in just a few months, especially since she only runs 2-3 times a week.  She did great.  Of course, going downhill I have a hard time keeping up with her.  Had a great run followed by some pizza at Ogden Pizza.  Miles - 10.8

Friday - So I had big plans to drive down to Virgin and pace Aric at the Zion 100.  I made it to my designated aid station at about 8pm and waited......and waited.......and waited.  Finally I checked and he had dropped at aid #6 at about 2:30am.  Big time bummer for him.  I guess he and his pacer and a bunch of others got way off track running around on Gooseberry Mesa.  The course markings were sporadic, non-existant, and confusing.  They spent hours trying to get to aid 7 and should have been there but in reality were nowhere near.  It was cold, and they were out of food and water.  Aric and Shawn ended up going back to aid 6 and spending the night.  I ended up driving back to the race hq and throwing my sleeping bag out on the grass.  Met up with Aric and Shwan the next morning and got the full story.  He's disappointed, but I think he made the right call.  No need to put yourself in danger when you don't need to.  You can always go back and run it next year.  Miles - 0.0

Saturday - Drove home from Zion.  Miles 0.0

Total for the week - 43.1 miles

Restaurant review - So Saturday Karen and I went to one of our favorite restaurants, MacCool's Irish Pub.  Their food is always good and they know the proper way to pour a Guiness.  I usually get their meatloaf (awesome) but thought I'd try something different.  So I got their lamb sandwich.  Thin sliced lamb with spices and cheese and au jus, mashers and gravy on the side.  Never have had the lamb before and I have to say it was different.  Not bad, just different.  I would order it again, but I think it's an acquired taste.  Karen took a bite and said it reminded her of what our buck goats smell like.  That's not a good thing and I didn't get that impression at all.  Service was good and so was the beer.  Even though Karen didn't like the lamb and I thought it was just ok, we still highly recommend this place. They have other menu items that are far better.  We took our son once and he said it was more Irish than some of the pubs he visited while he was in Ireland.

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