Monday, April 23, 2012

Week of April 15th and Restraunt 1107 review

Sunday - Did some hiking along the south rim of the Grand Canyon with the others.  Generally spent the day playing  tourist and having fun doing that.  Miles - 2.5

Monday - Spent the day driving home from the Grand Canyon.  Sat on my butt for almost 10 hours, ugh!

Tuesday - Did a run north from Rainbow with Sharon.  We went to the Polk Trail turn off and came back.  Nice and easy.  Felt good to get back out.  I noticed that my legs weren't sore at all.  Maybe a little tired, but the run didn't present a lot of effort.  Went for my Pilates class after.  Either the class is getting a little easier or I'm slacking, but it doesn't seem to take nearly the same effort as it did three weeks ago.  Miles - 6.2

Wednesday - Took the day off.  Tapering for Salt Flats in a week and a half.

Thursday - Went to 22nd street and ran up to inspiration point, then headed back to the trailhead to meet Karen for a run.  We got in another few miles by running over to Waterfall canyon, then down to the lower trails and back.  Nice little run.  Miles - 7.25

Friday - Took the day off again

Saturday - Helped out with the Gib Wallace Trail 10K.  Directed runners at one intersection, then went out on the course after to clear course markings.  Miles - 5.84

Restraunt 1107 - This is a fairly new restraunt on the 11th floor of the Ben Lomond Hotel.  I think it's been open a month or so.  We heard about it from some friends who had gone there and thought it was pretty good.  I think we were expecting it to be a bit more crowded than it was.  We were immediately seated by a window overlooking Ogden, and just as the sun was setting.  Very nice.  Their menu selection is somewhat limited, only abut a dozen main dishes are listed.  I got the chicken fusilli and Karen got the chicken catcitore.  Mine was quite good, small pieces of grilled chicken sun dried tomatoes, broccoli, onions, all tossed with some olive oil and spiral pasta.   Plenty hot too.  Sometimes when you order a pasta dish, it's not as warm as it could be, maybe pasta cools off quickly.  This was fresh out of the kitchen hot.  The salad was a field greens with blue cheese, also quite good.  Karen said she enjoyed hers as well.  Service was good.  One thing I kind of have a pet peeve about, especially in a higher end place is when the wait staff says "you guys", as in "how are you guys doing?".  First, it's a low class move in a high class place, second, my wife is not a guy, far from it.  So if any wait staff are reading, how about "how are you folks doing?" instead.  It's a little more formal and doesn't call my wife a guy.  Still, we'd go back, the food was good and it's a little something different than the usual Ogden fare.

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