Saturday, January 24, 2015

Restaurant review time

How many of you can spell restaurant without thinking about it?  Yeah, I have to think about that "au" every time.
So, I thought I would write a short restaurant review.  It has absolutely nothing to do with running other than food is fuel for running.
Karen and I usually go out for dinner on Friday's.  It's our date night and we've been doing it for literally decades.  We're not big fans of chain restaurants.  We prefer our local ones that have one or maybe just a few locations.  We do have our favorites but if a new place opens up, we're game to try it.
Over the years we've found a lot of really good places to eat....and some not so good places.  It's all part of the fun.
Anyway, a new restaurant opened up in Ogden.  I saw a post of fb from a friend who had visited and I thought we'd give it a try.
Blue Lemon just opened their fifth location in our fair city.  I checked out their menu online and it sounded good.
It's basically a cafe style place.  You stand in line to order your food at the counter.  Once you've ordered, you're given a electronic locator so a server can find you.  They bring your food out to you once it's ready.
So what did we have?  Well, I had the chipotle BBQ sandwich on wheat and Karen had the fish tacos.  We also ordered a basket of sweet potato fries.
Mine - The flavor was good, although I would have liked a bit more meat.  The veggies, lettuce, tomatoes, were fresh.

Karen's - her fish tacos had a combination of shrimp, cod, and salmon, as well as the usual veggies.  She liked the flavor, but wished the fish had been a bit warmer.  There was some concern on her part about the spicyness given the description on the menu, but that was not an issue.  The best thing she liked about the tacos was that the fish was grilled, not fried.
Sweet potato fries - These did leave a lot to be desired.  While the sauce was good, think a smokey, chipotle tasting fry sauce, the potatoes were a soggy mess from being undercooked.  Karen even came across one that was somewhat raw.  Not good at all.
Cost - About $35 for two meals, a basket of fries and two sodas.  We both thought the price was a bit steep for the amount of food and the atmosphere.  We've paid about the same for food just as good in a nicer atmosphere.
So, what was our overall impression?  When ever we go to a new place, we ultimately ask each other, "would we come back?"  Well, we both agreed that we would like to try something different on the menu next time, so we'll be back.  They do have a breakfast menu and some of those items looked like they would be good to try.

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