Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Week of September 9 Post Wasatch ramblings and another restaurant review

Sunday - Actually went on a hike with Karen.  We went from 22nd street up Indian Trail to the shelter and back down.  It was a super nice morning for a hike.  My legs weren't too sore and my stomach had settled down by now.  Miles - 5.0

One of the good things about the hike was it gave us the chance to evaluate what went wrong at Wasatch.  In our discussions, Karen came up with the thought that I had too much caffeine in my system and that's what upset my stomach.  If you've ever had too much coffee on an empty stomach, you know the feeling.  When I thought about my caffeine consumption on race day, I have to agree with my wife.  Here's what I had in the way of food and caffeine on race day. 
Breakfast - A couple of bowls of Corn Pops and a large mug of coffee on the way to the start.  Typical.
During the race - 1st Endurance Liquid Shot gel about every half hour from the start until Big Mountain.  This stuff has caffeine in it.  Three Prerace capsules every 3-4 hours during the day.  This stuff has caffeine in it.  Coke and/or Mtn Dew at every aid station, yep, has caffeine in it.  Couple all of that caffeine with a fairly empty stomach most of the day (not much solid food) and you have a recipe for an upset stomach.  Other food I ate were some cantaloupe at Francis Peak (not much calories, mostly water), nothing solid at Bountiful B, nothing solid at Sessions, half a ham and cheese sandwich at Swallow Rock, nothing solid at Big Mountain, nothing solid at Alexander Ridge, some pumpkin pie and a Starbucks Frappucino (more caffeine) at Lamb's.  Yeah, I was OD'ing on caffeine.
So, what do I do from here?  Well, I have a 38 mile run across Zion NP next month and a 50 mile race next month.  Both of these runs will give me the opportunity to try some different food.  One of the issues I had during the race, and at most races longer than 50 miles, is that I get extremely tired of sweet stuff.  I crave savory, spicy food, spagehtti, eggs with Tabasco sauce, bacon, summer sausage, cheese, etc.  So I'm going to look for something along those lines that I can take along or have in a drop bag.  Stuff that will give me a feeling of fullness and have a pretty high caloric density.
So what's the take away?  For all of my races I'm going to back way off on the caffeine.  I still want my morning coffee (I like it), but I'm going to cut way back on gels with caffeine and not drink as much Coke at aid stations (I like it though).
Jsut goes to show that even though I've run around 50 ultras now, I still am learning what and what not to do.

Monday - Didn't do squat.

Tuesday - Didn't run but did go to Pilates class.  The legs were still a touch sore, but overall they were in good shape.  Pilates kicked my butt though.  Lots of core work along with some shoulder work.  I need that.  I'm trying to get rid of the table muscle that covers my six pack ;-)

Wednesday - Went for a short run with Karen and Alicia from 22nd street.  Lots of walking involved.  The legs felt pretty good.  Maybe a bit of residual soreness, but not much.  This run gave me a chance to chat with Alicia and find out how her race went.  She ended up timing out at Brighton.  Her stomach seememd to do ok as that was her big concern.  Just didn't move fast enough.  She'll be back to try again.  Miles - 4.8

Thursday - 22nd street again with a pretty good crew.  We went from 22nd street at a pretty easy pace.  No walking involved here.  Felt good.  Got a chance to stretch the legs out a bit and see how they did.  I think I'me ready to step it up again and get some serious training in before OV 50.  I feel a 50 mile PR coming on....maybe.  Miles - 5.9

Friday I had big plans to go out to the island and run a few miles on the Mountain View Trail.  Well, I got to the fence at about mile 1 and there were about six bulls scattered along the trail, including one right at the opening thru the fence.  They weren't inclined to move either.  So I watched them for a bit just because they're cool animals, then turned around and headed back to the car.  I couldn't go around with the fence in the way and I had a time constraint that wouldn't allow me to drive to another trail.  Oh well.  Miles - 1.8

Saturday - Went for a horsey ride with Karen.  We went up Middle Fork again, this time a bit further.  It was a perfect day for the outing.  The trees are really starting to turn color now that the days are getting a bit cooler.  All in all a good time.  We ended up riding a bit over nine miles.  I decide that I needed to go back out on Sunday on foot and find a trail I've been wanting to do.  Miles - 0.0

So I had a nice recovery week from Wasatch.  I did want to do a bit more running than I did, but that's ok, the rest is needed.  I'll hit it next week.

Total miles for the week - 17.5

Restaurant review - Dickey's BBQ
Karen and I have been wanting to try this new BBQ place near Winco.  You can smell the food from 12th street as you drive by.  So we went on Friday and I guess we beat the rush.  Once we sat down, the line got longer and longer.  Dickey's is a BBQ chain.  Their menu is fairly simple, some different meat plates, sandwiches, soft drinks, and sides.  I had the two meat platter with shredded brisket and the smoked turkey.  For sides I had the mac-n-cheese and cole slaw.  The brisket was good, nice flavor though a little fatty for my liking.  The turkey also had nice flavor.  A nice smokey flavor and very tender.  The mac-n-cheese was good.  Not as good as waht I make from scratch, but certainly edible.  The cole slaw was good as well.  Nothing special about it.  Karen also had the two meat platter.  She liked it as well as the sides she ordered.  One of the kind of neat things about this place is that they have a soft serve machine by the drink area.  You can get your own soft serve cone, no additional charge.  Kinda cool since I have a weakness for ice cream of any sort.  So, the big question is, would we go back?  We decided that yeah, we would.  I did think it was a bit pricey given that it's basically one step above a fast food place.  Portion size was adequate, but for the price, I would have liked more.  Still, the food was good and we did leave withe our stomachs full.

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