Monday, August 6, 2012

Week of July 29 and Sitara restaurant review

Sunday - Ok, the day after Speedgoat.  Tired and sore, but Karen had 11 miles on her schedule so out we went.  We went up to the Upper Big Water parking lot in Millcreek Canyon and did the loop from there to Dog Lake, to Desolation Lake, up to Red Lover's Ridge and back down to the parking lot.  I've been wanting to take her on this run because it's one of the more scenic runs I do.  But it's a fairly difficult run given the elevation and the amount of vertical involved.  She really enjoyed it but was definitely sore the next day.  The kind of cool thing was that we got to run with Scott Wolfe, one of Patagonia's runners.  He was out for a training run on the Wasatch course and was confused as to which trail to take out of the parking lot.  He asked me and since we were going the same direction I invited him along.  He was very gracious in hanging back with a couple of old slow runners but was glad we knew the way.  We had an enjoyable chat with him until we split at Red Lover's Ridge.  He was headed for Brighton while were headed back down the hill.  My run was fine on the trek up, but once Karen and I started down, my legs were not happy.  My quads were still shot from Speedgoat the day before and they let me know about it.  Still, it was a good to get out and loosen things up a bit.  Miles - 10.6

Monday - Had big plans to go up to Snowbasin and get a run in.  I made it about 100 yards before I decided today would be a rest day.  Good decision.  Miles - 0

Tuesday - Did my usual lunch time run.  Kind of slow, but oh well.  After work I went up to Wheeler and ran the triangle from Wheeler to Art Nord, and back down Ice Box Canyon.  Once again, slow, but I got it done.  Went to Pilates and punished myself a little more after that.  Miles - 9.9

Wednesday - Went up to Wheeler and did a double of the Wheeler/Art Nord/Ice Box triangle.  The first time was by myself, the second time Karen met me and we ran it again.  Still slow, Karen was kicking my butt.  Miles - 9.8

Thursday - Did my usual lunch time run again.  After work I went up Wheeler and was going to just do an out and back to Art Nord.  As I was coming down to the car I saw Forrest, Misti, and Breein.  I was informed that Pilates had been pushed back to 7pm, so I turned around and went a couple more miles with that group.  Miles - 12.7

Friday - went home after work and picked up Karen.  We went out to 27th street and headed up Malan's.  She's never been up there and since she had five miles on her schedule, that was the place to go.  She made it up there, had a good time and thought it was a pretty run.  Mission accomplished.  Miles - 4.6

Saturday - Met a few friends at the Wasatch start at oh dark thirty.  The parking lot was pretty full with cars from other runners out training on the Wasatch course.  The plan was to run the Wasatch course to the radar towers and turn around.  We didn't quite make it that far but we did get to Landis Spring.  Forrest had to turn around early, we managed to catch up to a group in front of us that included Alicia.  They were out for 30 miles.  I was glad to see her getting out on the course.  One of their group, Breein, and I turned around at Landis Spring.  It was taking us longer than we thought and I wanted to get back home.  The weather up there was spectacular, no breeze, cool, clear, quiet.  I love going up there at this time of year, especially by myself.  You feel like you're out in the middle no where.  On the way back we met up with Larry Adams.  He wasn't having a good day and decided to turn around and head back down with us.  By the time we got back down to the trail at the bottom of the mountain, the temps were in the 90's.  I was glad to be done with that run.  Miles - 20.4

Miles for the week - 68.0  Not quite where I wanted to be, but I'll take it.

Resaurant review - Karen and I headed for our favorite Indian resaurant, Sitara.  As usual, we got our usual dishes.  An onion kolcha appitizer, two orders of Paneer Tikka Masala, and rice.  Washing it down with a couple of beers.  The paneer tikka masala is a cottage cheese dish with a mild tomato sauce.  We put it over rice and it's my favorite dish when ever we go there.  Spicy, but not overly so and consistently good.  Service was average as it usually is.  This isn't a fancy restaurant, we went there after our Friday run still dressed in running clothes.  No question about going back, we always do.  If you've never tried Indian food, this is a good place to go.

July stats - So July I hd big plans for a 300 mile month.  Well, here's the results.

Total Miles - 300.2, averaging just under 68 miles/week.
Total vertical - 48,478', averaging 10,946'/week.  Not too bad.

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