Friday, May 11, 2012

Week of April 29th, Post Race Lack of Activity

Sunday - Didn't do squat running wise.  I did do a lot of stuff around the house and yard.  That did help as far as keeping things loosened up.

Monday - I actually didn't feel too bad.  I was barely sore, the legs didn't feel too tired.  I thought "what the heck" and went for a run with Karen.  Yeah, big mistake.  We walked over to the trail north of Rainbow Gardens.  I ran about 50 yards up the trail and decided that running wasn't going to happen.  The legs weren't too bad, it was my chest.  It felt like the muscles were really tired.  Anyway, we actually hiked up to the canal road, then back down.  That wasn't too bad.  Miles - 1.6

Tuesday - Yep, took the day off.  Figured I needed a little more rest.

Wednesday - Actually went out for about five miles.  The legs weren't sore at all but were still a little tired.  It felt good to get out for a few even if I was still tired.  Miles - 5.0

Thursday - Yep, took another day off.

Friday - Went on one of my favorite runs, 22nd street south for about 3.5 miles then turn around and come back.  The legs were still a little tired, but other than that, I felt really good.  I was able to actually push the pace some.  Miles - 7.0

Total miles for the week - 13.6

Restaurant review time -

So we went to a Thai restaurant Friday.  We've been to Aroy-d before and the food was very good.  For some reason, Thai sounded good again.  We were really surprised at how busy it was.  Seems as though word is getting out. 
Anyway, I had a salmon dish with a red curry sauce that was excellent.  Just the right amount of spice to warm things up.  It was mixed with green beans, bell peppers, and brocolli.  Good stuff.  I don't remember what Karen had, but she really enjoyed it as well.  I've had their Pad thai before and that was very good as well.  If you want some decent Thai in the Ogden area, this is the place to go.  Reasonably priced and they serve beer and wine. 

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